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Product description and features


Safety instructions

This model is not a toy. Abuse may result in severe injury.

Beware of the rotating prop, keep distance. Only use on official flying fields and follow the general and local laws. Perform a range test prior to every flight. Check on all r/c functions and make sure your batteries are fully charged. Third party insurance should be considered a basic essential. If you join a model club suitable cover will usually be available through the organization. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that your insurance is adequate.

Make it your job to keep your models and your radio control system in perfect order at all times. Check the correct charging procedure for the batteries you are using. Make use of all sensible safety systems and precautions which are advised for your system.

Always fly with a responsible attitude. You may think that flying low over other people’s heads is proof of your piloting skill; others know better. The real expert does not need to prove himself in such childish ways. Let other pilots know that this is what you think too.

Always fly in such a way that you do not endanger yourself or others. Bear in mind that even the best RC system in the world is subject to outside interference. No matter how many years of accident-free flying you have under your belt, you have no idea what will happen in the next minute.

Do not fly under the conditions below:

  • Wind strong enough to make the trees rustle.
  • Close to high voltage electrical wires.
  • A street with many trees or street lamps.
  • High Population density areas.

Please disconnect the battery pack when finished flying.

Delivery contents

  • Paraglider Cloud 0.5
  • GFK nacelle
  • 2 built in nacelle servos
  • Brushless motor and prop pre-installed in gondola
  • 20A brushless flight controller connected to motor
  • Light unit

Receiver and battery connection

Connect the two steering servos and the controller to the receiver. Please use the appropriate receiver inputs. The receiver can be fixed in the inner area of ​​the nacelle. The antennas must be laid and fixed in such a way that they do not come into contact with the propeller. 3-cell lipo battery is attached with the Velcro strip on the front.

Connect glider and nacelle

The yellow main lines were clicked into the black carabiners, the white steering lines clicked into the control arms.

CAUTION: Make sure that the lines are not twisted and free.
67058071 05.jpg
1 Main line
2 Steering line

Control functions

Control stick in neutral position / Elevator stick pulled

67058071 06.jpg
1 Control stick in neutral position Arm upwards => flying straight ahead
2 "Elevator stick" pulled backwards Pulling the right control stick backward both arms will show downward. The complete paraglider is braked now. This function is very useful to flair out the model for landing. Or just brake little to get additional uplift while soaring.
Hint: Always land with arms completely downwards (braked) to avoid damages to the servos.

Steuerknüppel nach links/rechts

67058071 07.jpg
3 Control stick to the left Left arm (in flight direction) showing downwards. Left half of paraglider is braked.
4 Control stick to the right Right arm (in flight direction) showing downwards. Right half of paraglider is braked.


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