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Mounting suggestions

DPSI Micro Systems can be switched on and off contactless with an external magnet through the model's fuselage wall or with the transmitter, so they can be fixed at the fuselage inner sidewall. The switching on and off process with the magnet works up to a distance of about 8mm (0.3in) from the DPSI Micro's surface through the fuselage wall. To see the LED from the outside a small hole with 5mm (0.2in) diameter can be drilled in the fuselage wall.

Sticking on the DPSI Micro system

The DPSI Micro can be sticked on with silicone directly on the fuselage's inner sidewall.

Screwing on the DPSI Micro system

The DPSI Micro can be screwed from the outside to the fuselage wall. The required holes can be drilled using the included drilling template.

Both screws can be feed through the drilling holes from the outside. The screws are positioning helps for the self-adhesive foam rubber, which can be used as vibration protection. It is pushed over the screws from inside and glued to the fuselage's sidewall.

The vibration protection is not mandatory, but advisable especially for engine models with higher possible vibrations. Possibly small fuselage unevenness is eliminated, too.

The DPSI Micro can be mounted with two included M3 screws. The screwing collars enlarge the area of support and inhibit in this way damage to the fuselage.

Don't tighten the screws too much, in order not to press the cellular rubber too extensively.