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With the DITEX Manager software DITEX servos can be programmed with programming adapters at the PC or laptop.


Before installing the recent version: An update to the new version of the DITEX Manager also requires an update of the servo firmware. Please note that the DITEX Manager does not retain the settings stored on the servo during an update. These can be saved in a file before the update and re-installed after the update.

After [downloading] the recent software version 2.02 the DITEX Manager can be installad with a double click on the downloaded file DITEX_Manager_V202.EXE. The already installed version normally doesn't need to be uninstalled, the files will be overwritten during a new installation.

If the DITEX Manager doesn'T work correctly after the installation, it should be completely deinstalled. The original installing path should be deleted. By default the DITEX Manager is installed in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DITEX Manager

After the deinstallation and deleting of the directory a new installation process should be started.

Firmware update

Installing firmware update

It may be necessary to update the firmware of the DITEX servos so that they can be used with the current version 2.01 of the DITEX Manager. If the firmware of the servo is not up to date, a note will appear directly after plugging in the servo.

Hinweis-Meldung Firmware-Update

By clicking at the menu "UPDATE" the recent firmware will be installed on the servo.

Please note that the DITEX Manager does not retain the settings stored on the servo during an update. These can be saved in a file and re-installed after the update.

Safety notice

Please attend the following safety notice before installing the current firmware via the update function.

It may happen that after updating the servo firmware, the neutral position of the servo is no longer correctly programmed. For servos already installed in the model it is strongly recommended to remove the servo arm before starting the update.

Hint concerning neutral position


If the current version 2.02 of the DITEX-Manager has been installed without uninstalling the old version, it is not necessary to enter the activation key again.

If the old version of the DITEX-Manager has been uninstalled, the registration key, which you have received by email, must be entered.

For regsitration to work properly, it may be necessary to temporarily disable or configure various installed firewall programs.

Saving and restoring servo settings

The settings saved on the servo can be stored locally in a .dit file via the menu item "SAVE". From this file, the settings can be restored via the menu item "OPEN" if necessary.


Recent Downloads

Download archive

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