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Overview DPSI systems

For more than ten years the name DPSI Dual Power Servo Interface stands for reliable power supply systems for the modelling scene ensuring more safety in the sky. Battery backer function, electronic On/Off switches, current distribution for a variety of servos, HF interference suppression, servo pulse amplification and voltage regulation are just some of the headwords that can be mentioned in the same breath with the established systems. Starting with the DPSI Micro family with the compact LiPo approved battery backer, the LiPo regulator or the proven R/C switch, over the RV series containing the Mini battery backers or the DPSI 2001 RV up to the recent battery backer DPSI Ampere. What ever he desires, here the passionated modeler finds it all.


A11090 01.jpg


A11100 05 640x400.jpg


DPSI-Micro-5.9-7.2 JR Gesamt 640x400.jpg

DPSI Micro SingleBat

DPSI-Micro-DualBat 5.9-7.2 JR Gesamt 640x400.jpg

DPSI Micro DualBat

A15020 01.jpg

DPSI Ampere