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Product description

The DPSI Nano is a compact and lightweight magnetic switch suitable for 7 amps permanent current. The switch can be turned on/off from the outside of the RC model using a magnet, so it is not necessary to drill any holes into the fuselage. Due to its high current rating, its low weight and its compact dimensions, the DPSI Nano is also suitable for narrow fuselages as well as R/C cars.


Cable options

The DPSI Nano is available with 3.94in (AWG24) or 7.87in (AWG21) receiver connection cables.

Items delivered

DPSI Nano, magnet with lanyard and quick reference guide.


The DPSI Nano can be mounted inside the fuselage, e. g. using silicone.

Note: If the DPSI Nano is mounted with its back side facing the fuselage, the bright red LED on its PCB can be seen through the fuselage. So, you can check on the on/off status of the DPSI Nano from outside.

Switching on and off

The DPSI Nano can be turned on/off by placing the included magnet on the red ON/OFF dot on the front side of the DPSI for approximately one second. Alternatively, the magnet can be placed on the corresponding location on the back side; however, the exact position on the back side is not marked. The distance between the magnet and the DPSI must not exceed 8 millimeters (0.3 inches). The switch can be turned on/off through the RC model's fuselage.


Table 1: Specifications DPSI Nano.
Nominal input voltage 3.5V ... 10V
Output voltage unregulated
Quiescent current (switched off) approx. 6µA
Quiescent current (switched on) approx. 12mA
Max. permanent current 7A
Permanent current 30 seconds 10A
Max. peak current 20A
Drop out losses @ 7A approx. 16mV
Permissible temperature range -20°C ... +70°C (-4°F ... 158°F)
Dimensions without connection cable (length x width x height) 38mm x 9mm x 5mm (1.5in x 0.35in x 0.2in)
Length receiver connection cable 10cm or 20cm (3.94in or 7.87in)
Weight 2.8g (0.1oz) (connection cable 3.94in) / 4.6g (0.16oz) (connection cable 7.87in)

Safety instructions

ATTENTION: The DPSI is turned off using a Hall effect sensor. Hall effect sensors can be influenced by magnetic fields. It may happen that the DPSI switches off when exposed to a very strong magnetic field (e.g. electric drive). Current-carrying cables also generate magnetic fields. So please keep all cables which carry a high current (> 100A) at least 3cm (1.18in) away from the DPSI.

Source of supply

DPSI Nano magnetic switch in iRC-Electronic webshop