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Technology description

The DPS RV technology is mainly used inside DPSI dual power supplies with magnetic switches. Here 'RV' means 'regulated voltage' the regulated output voltage. Partially the voltage regulation is necessary because not all servos used inside the R/C model can be operated with the usual LiPo or LiIon voltage. Usually the voltage of 8.4 volts (end of charge voltage) respectively 7.2 volts (nominal voltage) depending on the DPSI power supply is reduced to one of the following voltages:

  • 5.5 volts
  • 5.9 volts
  • 6.0 volts
  • 7.2 volts

DPSI dual power supplies with the addition 'RV'

Furthermore there are DPSI dual power supplies with the addition 'RV' in the model description. Also here the 'RV' means 'Regulated Voltage' for the voltage regulation. here 'RV' is used as addition to the model description to discern recent DPSI dual power supplies from older models without voltage regulation. The following DPSI dual power supplies use 'RV' in the model description and are eqipped with an internal voltage regulator: